167. So Simple: DIY Microwave Popcorn

So Simple:  DIY Microwave Popcorn || Ann Ning Learning How

Let’s have movie night!!

I’ve been saying that for more than a month, but life keeps getting in the way.  I really just want to sit on the sofa with a huge bowl of popcorn and watch a movie that makes me laugh.  But our nights keep on being occupied by more useful activities, and/or I keep on falling asleep too early to actually have a movie night.

So I recently changed tactics and announced that a matinee would be forthcoming.  I would like to watch Audrey Hepburn eat gelato in Roman Holiday on Netflix, but keep on falling asleep or having to go to Therapy or something, so this hasn’t worked out either.  If you had a movie night or matinee, would you stream something from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu etc. or Redbox it?  Right now it’s wonderful not to have to leave the house so streaming is ideal.  Mmm…gelato.  Sorry.  Distracted.

What really attracts me to movie night/matinee is the big bowl of popcorn I would insist on.  I recently tried this DIY microwave popcorn from ALifeUnprocessed.com.  Seriously, click on the link and try it.  You don’t even have to get a pot out.  Although I must say that there’s something amazingly satisfying in the process of popping corn on the stove that adds value to the experience, but sometimes you just want to eat some popcorn fast – and the DIY microwave version is the way to go.

I used a giant Pyrex measuring cup since it’s easier for me to grasp things with a handle.  It also lets steam out nicely, although you can also use any old bowl with any old plate and since they are likely not a perfect fit, steam gets out anyway.  As opposed to the bags you get at the store, you control the toppings for your popcorn here.  I’m a big fan of butter and salt, or olive oil and salt.  But a few weeks ago, Mrs. B (Ruth’s Mom) got me hooked on coconut oil and salt.  I generally melt the coconut oil  with some of N’s (Soy) butter in the microwave, pour it over the popcorn and then salt it.  You can use regular butter, of course – we just keep soy butter around for Ezra and I like it, so I use it.

We will not be watching Finding Nemo.

If you’d like to pop corn on the stove:

2 thoughts on “167. So Simple: DIY Microwave Popcorn

  1. Hi dearest Ning,

    Thank you for all your interesting and inspirational daily blogs which I look forward to everyday. I love all your heartwarming articles and recipes. One fine day, I will surprise uncle S.Sin with one of your cake recipes. He loves cakes and I love microwave popcorn. I have a bag of microwave popcorn nearly everynight, seriously and ‘religiously’ while I watch an hour of TV with uncle S.S. I must confess that I add an extra sprinkle of salt and 2 tablespoons of sugar with the bag of cinema-sweet popcorn……bad for me but great for my taste-buds!!!

    Till we ‘meet’ on screen tomorrow. Have a beautiful and blessed day.

    Loads of love & Hugs,
    Uncle S.Sin & Aunty P.Leaxx

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