160. Welcome to my world…


Tuesday was damp and dreary – we need a laugh!  So I’m sharing one of my latest text messages.  I got a phone a few months ago – my old number had already been deactivated and given away, and I have a hard time recalling my new one.  I like it, though, since it’s a small device and it’s good practice for reading and typing.  I set the accessibility options to show me BIG font and I gave myself permission to text with only the right hand.  Using my left hand was taking way too long, and with the touch-screen keyboard and small keys, the likelihood of hitting the right one was minimal.

I like having a phone bc it’s a sign of recovery.  It also allows me to take pictures – I’d love to buy a proper camera and learn photography for real, but I can’t carry a camera in my purse or around the house.  Carrying a phone is more manageable so I practice my iPhone photography.  I was never a very good phone talker, and since my hearing is worse in my right ear, and holding the phone to my left ear (I’ve also had hearing loss in the left ear, but it’s better than the right) is unnatural, I like texting, although I’m not great at that, either.  I never made it to the Verizon store to get my contacts transferred over so I often have no idea who is contacting me, or how to contact a friend.  I also get a lot of “wrong number” texts wishing me a Happy New Year, asking me if I’m going to dial in to the conference call, etc.  So that’s the context of the exchange that begins above and continues below.



P.S. I was largely unmoved by people’s comments re. how bad my injury had been when I woke up in the hospital.  What convinced me, though, that things had indeed been VERY bad was that Magic B was the one who helped Tanpo clean out our refrigerator when Dad came home briefly for some work and Mom stayed in OR.  I think they left so fast when I first got sick that they didn’t get a chance to tend to the fridge.  So Dad called Mom while he stood in front of the fridge and unloaded things.  Magic B helped.

P.P.S.  The reason I refer to B as “Magic B” is because his negotiating skills are pretty much the standard for me.  I, on the other hand, am a pathetic negotiator, as my classmates witnessed for a few months while we were in Intro to Negotiation at B School.

2 thoughts on “160. Welcome to my world…

  1. Oh, I loved this for so many reasons. First, I thought it really was a random text (I’ve gotten things like that, too). Then I could “hear” Magic B’s texting “voice,” once I knew it was him. Which of course made me laugh. I love our friends.

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