The Week In Review April 27

It’s Saturday!  So it’s time to recap the week.  Here’s what I ate:

What I Ate_20130427_Ann Ning Learning How

1.  Strawberry Banana Oatmeal muffins with cashew cream

2.  Banana Bread mini waffle dippers w/ Greek yogurt/cream cheese

3.  Strawberry pretzel smoothie

4.  Veggie quesadilla with fresh salsa.

I’ll eventually post the recipes.  

And this is what I wrote about:

What I Wrote_20130427_Ann Ning Learning How

Mon:  Skating where the puck is going – that’s right, I’m making a sports analogy.

Tues:  So Simple:  DIY Candle Wrap – the point of the “So Simple” series is that if I can do it, YOU can definitely do it.  I even made you a convenient template for this one.

Wed:  Why you should be nice to your Administrative Assistant – the short story:  Admins have a strong influence over your personal comfort throughout the day.

Thurs:  Katie’s Red Velvet Brownies – Grain Free, No Sugar Added, Colored naturally w. beets and VERY chocolatey and delicious.  These are for an 8 year old girl named Katie who had an AVM rupture like mine and is currently busy getting rehabilitated in the hospital.  Go, Katie, go!

Fri:  Floppy me – your brain gets the hiccups, too, right?

4 thoughts on “The Week In Review April 27

  1. I LOVE that your recap starts with a food log. Important things first 🙂 also just the words cashew cream make my mouth water! Your writing is a real encouragement Ning. I so enjoy reading it 🙂

  2. Good thing we had breakfast not too long ago… you’re a’ makin’ me hungry! 🙂

    I’m glad Katie’s Mom found you… it always helps to know you’re not alone in a situation!

    And yes, my brain can be very “floppy” at times too.


  3. Great recap – love the pics AND the food log as well :). I’m very curious about the banana bread mini waffle dippers. Mmmm…

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