The Week In Review

Happy Saturday!  Ed is making pancakes for breakfast.  I suggest you do the same.  If you’d like to catch up….

What happened:

AVM Stroke Recovery Week_20130403


  1. Cherry Blossoms at NRH
  2. Berry Parfait
  3. Ed says “hi” to D
  4. Brown & Green Eggs from the B’s – the dish is from Aunty D
  5. I got poked in the head at Acupuncture

What I wrote about:

AVM Stroke Recovery Blog

Mon:  Why I Choose Therapy…and trust the Pros to help me recover

Tues:  Back to “Normal” – piano recap

Wed:  Boston Cream Puddings – pretzel crust and Greek yogurt pudding

Thurs:  10 Tips for Learning How to Walk Again

Friday:  Your favorite, and mine…mostly mine:  Anzac Biscuits

4 thoughts on “The Week In Review

  1. Great pics! Hannah’s been reading the Anne books, Ning…Remember you got those for her? Of course, I can’t wait to watch the movies w/ her. 🙂

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