151. Boston Cream Puddings

Boston Cream Puddings || Ann Ning Learning How

I have a secret to tell you: I do not like yogurt. I consume and cook with Greek yogurt a lot because it’s good for me. But honestly, I like pudding better. Alas, my days of shoveling butterscotch Boost pudding in the hospital are over (actually, that’s a good thing) and I am trying to like yogurt now. I also had a disinclination for it leftover from how I had to eat dishes of plain yogurt in the hospital while I was getting IV antibiotics. But now I’m living in the free world and am trying to eat well. I was going to make you a fabulous sugar-free, vanilla bean-infused custard, but I broke down and just did what I really wanted to do – I added some Jell-o pudding mix into some Greek yogurt and called it a day.

I have another secret to tell you: I am mean and aggressive. Okay, maybe it’s not a secret anymore – but I hid it well for over 30 years! But now I have no choice but to let it all hang out. When the awfully sad Connecticut shootings happened there was no way Mom & Dad could keep me from finding out, but I did not see any images/programming related to the event. A couple of my friends referenced it in conversation but did so obliquely, eyeing me and tiptoeing around the meat of the matter first, trying to discern if I had been informed of what happened. Yes, I knew, and yes, it made me (and the rest of the world) sick.

Similarly, I knew what happened in Boston this week, but had not seen any images related to it, nor did I plan on seeking any out. But we arrived at Planet Rehab today while the morning news shows were still on, and the flat screens in the waiting room broadcasted the latest updates and the saddest pictures from the marathon’s finish line. Ugh. I got so mad I had to turn my face away. I was unable to refrain from adding some of my own commentary, thus proving to Mommy that a career in public speech writing will never be mine.

I heard on the radio of two brothers who both lost a leg. I also heard that most people who were hurt suffered the majority of their injuries in their lower extremities. :(. Booo. I never was a runner (definitely not now), but I would expect it to be devastating to be faced with leg/foot amputation/injuries as a runner. I know many who were injured were waiting for their loved ones to finish the race. To the spectators: You are no longer a spectator. You’re the main event. You went to the race to support your friend(s). Something Very Bad happened. (Grrr.) Now it’s our turn to support you.

Others were actually competing. To the runners: A) The fact that you were even running a marathon means you have attained a level of mind-body discipline that most of the population has never experienced. You trained your body once to do what you wanted it to – we will cheer you on as you do it again. B) Around the time I learned to walk at The Place, A (6) was also training Tom P. (a man with a lot of gumption and a shattered T12 vertebra) for the Marine Corps Marathon. He is a paraplegic (I think) and used a recumbent hand bike for the race. The bike got a flat tire when he was 5 miles from the finish line – but he finished anyway. I tell you this as something to encourage you – but it was hard for me to hear “success stories” early in my recovery since I was just working on sitting up. So if you’re at the level where you’re working on regaining the simplest of tasks, let me assure you that this is praiseworthy. I’m just saying that if you work in consultation with your medical team, there are LOTS of possibilities for your success.

Boston Cream Puddings

Easy to prepare mini puddings with a pretzel crust and Greek yogurt. Makes 2 servings – if you want to make more, just eyeball it. My amounts are approximate, too.

¼ c pretzel crumbs (I put mine in a Ziploc and rolled it with a rolling pin)

1-2 Tablespoons coconut butter

¾ c plain Greek yogurt

1 Tbsp vanilla pudding mix

splash of almond extract

splash of milk for mixing

3 Tbsp Chocolate Covered Katie CPB Fudge (melted)

3 Tbsp ganache (melted)

Mix pretzel crumbs (I love the salty-sweet effect) and coconut butter. Press into bottom of ramekins, or whatever dishes you’re using. Let chill in fridge.

Blend yogurt, pudding mix, almond extract and splash of milk (I used an immersion blender). Put a layer of this yogurt/pudding over the pretzel crust. Let chill in fridge.

I had CCK PB fudge (sweetened only with banana, I used PB2) in the fridge, and there was also ganache. There is ganache in our fridge because I live with Mommy. You can make ganache by pouring hot milk/cream over chopped semisweet chocolate, or chocolate chips. Stir until smooth. I put a big dollop of CCK fudge on top of my pudding to bulk it up and then covered it with ganache to make it prettier. If you’re into 100% ganache I would support that decision.

Chill until chocolate layer sets and enjoy!

PS.  I actually like to scrape the chocolate layer off, save it for later, and eat the yogurt/pudding and pretzel layer by itself.  It makes the eating process last longer, but it’s not as Boston Cream – like.  So go with your gut – the consumption technique is up to you.

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2 thoughts on “151. Boston Cream Puddings

  1. So I just read the article that you linked to about Tom P… he “don’t play around!” (as you like to say). 🙂 That is so cool.

    Also, I got pretty angry & sad too. Someone reminded me we should pray for the perpetrators along with the victims. Not my natural line of thought this week, but they are right, of course.

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