142. Today

Today is the day before we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of my injury, aka Ed’s Birthday.  He has been wearing his party hat for the past month in anticipation of the festivities and prefers to wear it rakishly askew.  He added Solar Tiki Torches (6)” to Mommy’s shopping list, but she put her foot down and we will not be lining the front porch area with them.

 More importantly, though, today there are real birthdays to celebrate.  I think I heard it’s (not so) little cousin E’s birthday tomorrow, and it’s definitely the day babyE turns 1!! <3. I prefer to think about this happy occasion rather than Ed’s Birthday, although Ed’s way of partying keeps things fun. I’m so enthused over babyE’s birthday I’m going to go bake something.

I’m back.  This is what I made – flourless “nutella” babycakes.  They’re not sweet bc they are just ground up hazelnuts and cocoa but it smelled soooo good.  I’ll post the recipe next week.  I only sprinkled one w/ the dots and pink sugar for babyE.  The rest of them got some sea salt bc my friend P told me she does that sometimes with brownies.  Love that idea.


8 thoughts on “142. Today

  1. Happy Ed Bday Eve!! Bdays r great milemarkers…but as my hubby puts it, it’s just another day we’re getting older / wiser. It definitely is another day ur getting healthier so press on!! Little daily steps have brought u this far:) PTL!!

  2. If I remember correctly, you start your month of piano duties at the chapel tomorrow…that’s a pretty special accomplishment…and to get to reach that milestone on “Ed’s birthday”! 🙂 Not one of us would have imagined on that day, April 7, 2011, that exactly two years later you’d be on the schedule for piano duties! Hugs to you dear! I will be praying for peace and a special enjoyment of the “job”! 😉 I so wish I could be there to hear you, but I KNOW that every person there will be thrilled and enjoying every note…no worries…just ENJOY!

    Love, mandy

    • Hi, Mandy – You DO remember correctly! But thankfully I roped ProfJ into doing piano duty for me tomorrow since I thought we might be away, but we’re not. I will play next week, though, and report back. Thank you for remembering and praying xxooxoxo

  3. Happy early birthday to Ed, and congrats on a remarkable 2-year milestone to you! Just read Mandy’s message and your response – I am thrilled that we plan to be at NHAGC next Sunday, because I get to hear you play. I’m sure I’ll be holding back tears… or not holding them back. I know these two years have been incredibly hard for you at times, so I don’t want to be selfish… but somehow I am still sooooo thankful that we didn’t “lose” you on April 7, 2011. I’m sorry if that’s selfish… I know it would be far better to be with the Lord… but your friendship means so much to me that just thinking of that day brings back the tears. And the tears abounded that day, for so many of us. We love you Ning. You are still such a joy, and we will pray pray pray that you continue to make great strides in your recovery.

  4. So those things are more like crackers than cookies.

    Tell Ed happy birthday. It’s a good day to reflect on all one’s blessings …. both the obvious the hidden ones.

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