135. There’s no crying in baseball!

This is ~30s of one of my first attempts to walk post AVM + stroke.  The lack of self-awareness meant the absence of fear.  Basically, I thought E (1) was nice and I wanted to do anything she said.  I’ll work on an updated gait video after Spring Break.  I am interested to  scrutinize my own form. I’m sure M (37) will help me. 

The first time I saw my friend A after getting sick was on Labor Day 2011.  I asked Mom and Dad to take me to the GWH conference and I had prepared by clearing my intention to walk “the loop” at camp with my PT.  Although I got my PT’s green light, Mommy had other ideas.  There was also more traffic and bug activity on that very hot day, which I was not anticipating.  In the end, I jumped ship early, and Mom ended up pushing me a little on my rollator (Thanks, Mom!)

When I saw A I was sitting in The Chatterbox (the snack bar) with a lot of ice cream in front of me.  “Look  – there’s your friend!” my nephew pointed across the room and announced A’s arrival.  She parked herself on a bench next to mine and I immediately shared my most urgent prayer request:  “I don’t want to cry all over my PT,” I told her.

Babies have a lower center of gravity since they are small, and that helps them keep their balance.  That’s also why most gymnasts are of a diminutive stature.  At my height and with my brain condition, the possibility of falling and getting hurt when I was already quite impaired terrified me.  My stomach was in a permanent knot for a couple of months as I anticipated learning how to walk.

I did well to remember one of A and her sister’s favorite movie quotes:  “There’s no crying in baseball!”  That’s what Tom Hanks tells one of his players who’s having a little moment in A League of Their Own.  If you recall, this is the movie about the success of an all-women’s league during WWII – when many men were in the service, and women stepped up to the plate and preserved America’s favorite pastime.

The crushing anticipation almost did me in as I knew the time for me to walk was drawing closer.  I did my best to remember, though, that there’s no crying in baseball, and am happy to report that I never broke down during PT as I had anticipated.  I suppose I cried it all out beforehand.  And celebrating with my walking ring helped.

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2 thoughts on “135. There’s no crying in baseball!

  1. I still haven’t seen that movie! For shame. That and Karate Kid.

    I know it must be frustrating that at times the progress seems so slow, but you are pressing on and doing so so well in this whole recovery thing. Keep at it, my dear friend, and I will keep praying!

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