133. The Short List


I love Excel.  A spreadsheet is not a blank sheet of paper you’re supposed to fill up with the Great American Novel – it’s a series of orderly rectangles that can tell you stuff if you fill in the blanks with numbers and symbols.  I used to have a recurring nightmare back in the crazy days about being stuck in an Excel spreadsheet.  (I’m not kidding.)  I can see myself running around, bumping into the borders of a cell.   Now the thing that is notable about that dream is that I’m running – not that I’m stuck in Excel.

I don’t use spreadsheets often now, but once I learned to use them I relied heavily on them for all sorts of things.  I once wrote a paper for my Social Entrepreneurship class in Excel.  It was just going to be an exhibit but it kept on growing and growing until it became the bulk of what I wanted to say.  I also used to keep my prayer list in Excel.  The functionality was perfect for me – I made different tabs with different categories for days of the week.  Nicely color-coded of course.

These days I can’t really see or write too well, but I think devoting myself to prayer is really a stamina thing.  I consider myself cognitively intact, but my mind tires easily and I avoid telling anyone I’ll pray for them since I will likely forget in 5 minutes.  That’s why I decided to use a post-it note prayer list.  This is good for me since it’s a memory aid, but it also helps my motor skills because my left hand is in charge of moving my stickies.  I figure it might also be good for little ones who are learning to pray.  Here’s a suggestion – once you fill in the sticky notes with names, snap a picture on your phone and send it to the person you’re praying for, congratulating them on making the short list!   Also, there are some topics you might wish to make one post-it note for and just move it around daily, e.g your country’s monarch, POTUS, your church elders…

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4 thoughts on “133. The Short List

  1. Ning, thanks for the great visual prayer-help idea. It’s really fantastic and not something I probably would have thought of. Love you friend.

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