Anyone hungry?

Howdy – my back is giving me a hard time so I’m taking Friday off.  Meanwhile, congratulations on making it to the end of another week!  I started writing a post like usual, but I’m going to jump ship and give you some food pics instead.


Clockwise from upper left:  (1) Green juice (green apple, kale, celery, 1/2 banana, a few grapes) and my left-handed alphabet puzzle, (2) Almond latte (decaf espresso, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, almond extract, stevia), (3) Char siew bao, (4) Bubor Cha cha with Ed

5 thoughts on “Anyone hungry?

  1. Hi Ning! Hope you feel better really soon. Thanks for the inspirational food montage…next time I see you, I want a play-by-play of #3 and #4. 🙂


    • It’s a bun filled w bbq meat (usually alarmingly red) and the outside is white steamed bread. One if my faves! They’re usually at the Asian market or at the dim sum restaurant. Happy Friday, Dave!! “But only if you want to.” Still laughing 😊

  2. Yum, char siew bao! I think I need some dim sum. Ning, you and your parents took me out for my very first dim sum experience. I totally fell in love with it. What a delicious way to eat!!

  3. When KAR and I were in Chicago, we had bao buns as a snack one day from a little kiosk (was it called Wow Bao?) that caught our eye along the magnificent mile. They were so good and hit the spot on that chilly morning. She later shared a funny story about a subsequent bao experience that goes along w/ a crazy cab ride. You should ask her about it. 🙂

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