116. Move faster…try harder!

Ed, Charles, and my stopwatch.

Ed, Charles, and my stopwatch.

This was a phrase Ed used on me during the time I was rolling Charles, my Rice Baby down the hall, and I indulged myself by letting Ed ride on the hood. I found that if I squeezed my core and just kept one foot moving in front of the other I could walk much faster than I was wont. My big stopwatch indicated that my walking speed increased fourfold within about a week. Sadly, my leg issues soon put a stop to my efforts to move faster and try harder.

When I was still trying to hustle around the house and exercise despite my body’s protests it occurred to me one day that since I know the Lord, physical impossibility is irrelevant. I then proceeded to work out on my exercise equipment at full tilt in the morning, then was supine for the entire afternoon for a couple of days. When I emerged from my slumber on the second day I told Mom, “Okay, I admit it. Maybe I pushed it a little too hard.” She clucked at me and raised her eyebrows in a way that indicated that she knew this all along, and just patted my shoulder and made us tea.

I used to really believe that if I woke up earlier and tried harder I could finish all the things I wanted to do at work. Sometimes it would be like 4.30 in the morning and I’d be in the shower getting ready to go to the office like it was normal. News flash: It wasn’t normal. I finally learned that moving faster and trying harder are good ways to increase your efficiency, but sometimes they just don’t work. My leg problem drove that point home for me. I then remembered that there’s always enough time to do what God wants me to do in any given 24 hours, and for now, that includes resting.

P.S. Do you know what movie the title refers to? Hint: Early 90’s take on an old English tale – “No! I took the bread.”

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2 thoughts on “116. Move faster…try harder!

  1. Great thought about our 24 hours being enough time to accomplish what God has for us to do…And of course, I have no idea what movie your title is inspired from. No surprise there, I’m sure! 🙂

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