2 Things…



2 things I forgot to say this morning:

1) I was going to ask for more “Learning How… to [fill in the blank]” suggestions on FB, but only needed one – D’s suggestion of “Learning How to Hope.”  I don’t think anyone’s going to top this one – it is independent of my circumstances, and fits in with the parts I’ve already written in my head.  Thanks, D!  Now I just have to wait for the plot to thicken circumstantially.

2) A couple friends have asked, and I’m sure more have wondered, what “Po Fro” means.  “Po” is short for “poor.” Obviously, I am “poor and needy,” but my family actually started calling me “Po(or)” since I had some cash flow issues as a student and pathetic things have often happened to me – e.g. one day as an undergrad I was walking to class on a path lined with lovely trees.  At that exact moment, a squirrel in one of those trees chose the second I was walking underneath to relieve himself.  YUCK.  “Fro” is short for “friend” – I think, I’m not sure.  I’ll have to ask Boo Boo.  It also rhymes with “Po” like “fro yo.”

My dizziness is bothering me today, so I’m going to go relax now.  Tomorrow is correspondence day!  Goodnight :).

One thought on “2 Things…

  1. Thanks for the ‘Po Fro” explanation. The squirrel story is so unfortunate, but so funny! Love the photo, can’t believe Karine was that little! CUTIES!

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