110. If my foot slips…

You can't see the inside of the ring very well, but you can probably make out the "94."

You can’t see the inside of the ring very well, but you can probably make out the “94.”

I actually have two special rings.  I can’t wear either on my hand right now because of my dermatitis (which I hope is clearing up, and don’t worry, it’s not contagious – it just grosses me out – it won’t transfer to you), and also because my fingers are a lot bigger than they used to be.  I used to be a 4.5 or 5 (ring size), but now I’m more like a 6-7.  I will most often wear my rings on a chain around my neck, but sometimes I’ll wear a ring on my hand for a few minutes just to make myself happy while typing or exercising – e.g. Aunty PC just gave me one that I enjoy for the sparkle and the fact that it actually slips on to my finger (it’s larger than my “normal” size).    One of the rings is my walking ring – it’s the one you see in all my pictures, and my major motivational strategy for learning how to walk.  I bought it before I could walk because I was afraid of trying, so I purchased the ring to wear after my first “real” walk.  My walking date (9.21.11) is engraved inside (Thanks, S!).

You’ve never seen the other ring since it’s something I’ve preferred to keep to myself.  It’s pretty plain – I chose a plain band so I could wear it in Africa (when I chose it I still thought I was going to move there).  The inside is engraved with 2 dates: 4.7.11 (the date of my brain bleed) and 7.24.11 (the day the Lord answered all my questions).  There is also a verse:  Psalm 94.18-19.  It’s one of the verses I used to carry around on an index card in my back pocket at work, but that I remembered in my dreams in the hospital, and that I have found a more literal application for now.  I’m sharing it because the verse M shared with me on Friday made me think of it.  I so appreciated the verse, and I also loved the fact that M borrowed a word from Aunty PL!

Psalm 94.18-19
If I say, “My foot slips,”  Your mercy, O Lord, will hold me up.  In the multitude of my anxieties within me, your comforts delight my soul.  (NKJV)

p.s. Thank you so much for praying for Peter.   He slept most of the day on Saturday and was perkier on Sunday.  I think we were all happy to see him more alert, although still coughing pathetically.

One thought on “110. If my foot slips…

  1. Hi friend,
    I’m glad to see that your love for bling has not diminished. 🙂 I am also very thankful for your 7.24.11, and pray that He will continue to provide these deep spiritual markers along with the physical milestones.
    Love you.

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