109. History Repeats Itself


Doesn’t this picture of Peter make you smile? I spent a lot of time looking at a similar picture of Ezra sitting in the same chair on the picture board (near the upper right corner) that Ernie and Ai Ai made me. I think the nurses at OHSU told them it would be good to surround me with pictures when I woke up, so my siblings gathered the photos from my refrigerator and from around my apartment, scanned them at Target, and pasted them onto a nice board that followed me to Vibra and RIO, too. One day at RIO I wiggled around in my bed (without setting the alarm off) so I could reach up and pluck the picture board down from the ledge and examine the pictures up close. I had most often looked at the pictures without glasses, so I was a little confused about some of them.

It is infinitely better to be able to examine my subjects in person now. I can’t look at Peter “live” at the moment, though, bc he is sick. He’s had a bad fever etc for multiple days and he spent the night at the hospital. Please pray that he will be 100% well again ASAP.

When Ezra was born I was SO happy. Imagine my distress when Tanpo told me that he was in the hospital bc he had been throwing up blood. I was working late and was the lone occupant of the few aisles in my neighborhood. So I cried without feeling self-conscious and knelt in my cubicle to ask the Lord to heal my baby. And He did.

That was when we found out that Ezra can’t have any dairy products. Karine is such a good big sister – when we brought the two “wild ones” home in March ’11 right after I came back from Africa, we had a sort of “welcome home” party for me. Karine went around telling everyone, “No dairy for Ezzie, okay?” She was just making sure no one would give him a tasty morsel he might ask for but that would be bad for him.

Almost a couple of years have passed and Ezra is doing great, sans dairy products. Mommy always like to bring non-dairy baked goods when we visit – this time it’s heart-shaped sugar cookies with pastel frosting/sprinkles/dragees. So many things have changed since Ezra was sick. I think the fact that I’m not so far away anymore is the best change.

Better yet, some things have not changed: Peter comes from hardy stock on both sides. There have been serious illnesses in both the maternal and paternal lines, but that actually wasn’t my first thought. One of my favorite things about Ruthie’s family is that pretty much all the growing-up stories I’ve heard (she has 1 sister and 7 brothers) end in someone being taken up half-dead and carried into the house. All of the siblings have grown up very nicely, however, and some are now bringing up their own offspring, so I figure Peter is made of tough stuff and will be fine. But please still pray for him.

2 thoughts on “109. History Repeats Itself

  1. I remember that scary time for Ezra, and all of us. You are a wonderful Aunt! Isn’t it great that we can surround these little ones with godly influence and prayers! We are blessed beyond measure!

  2. I laughed out loud at the “taken up half-dead” line. Sounds like something out of LMM’s Rainbow Valley or Anne of Ingleside… but I can see that with Ruth’s family growing up, too! 🙂 That’s great.

    Definitely praying for little Peter!


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