105. Goodbye


We had a Goodbye Luncheon for Aunty D yesterday since she’s relocating this week.  It was lovely – her children, E and G were there, and Mr. H was our speaker that day, and everyone was in a happy mood so the lunch was a rather rowdy affair.  So I took the opportunity to hide in the nursery for the duration – I’ve never enjoyed crowds, but this one I was sure I didn’t want to face.  I was pretending like nothing’s happening, see, and Aunty D isn’t leaving – we were just having one of our usual pot lucks.

I admit it – denial is not a good coping strategy, so I’ll say goodbye now and mail this to Aunty D when I remember to ask Mommy what her new address is.  Aunty D was the one who told me to play a broken chord at the end of a hymn so the congregation could sense when the next verse would start ( I was 15 ish, and she was giving me accompaniment tips), she brought me soft food treats when I got my wisdom teeth out, and when I flew home from OR she and Aunty K made sure our kitchen was fully stocked with nice things, including the non-dairy milk alternatives I like.  (I have no idea how she knew that.)

These are just a few of the things I’ve appreciated about Aunty D since I’ve known her.  She’s known me since birth, so, we go back a long way.  I started avoiding goodbyes after the 3rd Hospital in OR – it was then that I understood my life had become a long string of goodbyes and I didn’t want to participate anymore.  But sometimes, “goodbye” is part of the ebb and flow of life.  This is a good time for Aunty D to be moving, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy the weather, and being near G.  I’d enjoy the weather, and being near G, too.  So I’m giving Aunty D fair warning – we’re totally coming to visit.  xoxo

6 thoughts on “105. Goodbye

  1. Dear Ning:

    Good one!! It was good to see you yesterday, When I was speaking in the morning I kept checking to see you near the back. The Lord has brought you a long way, and I am thankful and I am sure you are too.

    Please thank your Mother for me for the soda and cookies. They were great!

    Warmly In Christ,


    • Hi, mr. H – do you remember the time I got sunstroke at Congress|volleyball? Mrs. H was so nice to me. Random, I know, but I’ve thought of it often 🙂

  2. Ning, I am sad thinking that Aunty D won’t be at chapel whenever I visit, so I can only imagine how you must be feeling. 😦 But yes, you totally should go visit her!! 🙂

    Love you dear, and thanks for the account of yesterday’s goodbye party. Made me feel a part of it (peeking out from the nursery, with you). 🙂

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