103. Ed says…”Toughen Up”


I did a dumb thing yesterday.  Actually, I probably did several dumb things yesterday, but the one I’m referring to is how I watched a little of House Hunters last night.  I normally don’t do this since watching HGTV usually makes me sad, but it was slim pickings on the tube and I was drawn in by the pictures of OR.  (The featured couple was from Portland.)  I thought I was boo-hooing in safety, but Tanpo chose that exact moment to wake up from watchingthe PBS News Hour and saw my facial contortions.  I was fine, I assured him, and went to the kitchen, where Mommy was just about to call us to sit down to dinner.  I told her I was fine, too – I was being tough, see.  It’s like the time my Doctor was squeezing my left leg to see where he should put the steroid shot but I chose that time to toughen up, which didn’t help him find the right spot.  “You’re not screaming anymore,” he observed.  Oops.  My bad.

“Toughen up” is Ed’s favorite phrase.  We actually take turns saying it.  In this relationship, only one of us gets to be stable at a time.  It’s usually Ed.  The phrase actually originates with one of my first bosses.  He gave me a ride home one day and I told him I was melting in his convertible (it was a usual hot and humid D.C. summer).  “Toughen up,” he joked, trying to waft some air conditioning my way.

When I came back from Africa, I showed my caregroup a picture of us having lunch outside, and I’m wearing a crazy sun hat.  I told them that I had actually packed a multiplicity of headgear which I’m sure begged the question, “How much stuff could one girl bring to Africa?”   The princess and the pea were not used to having to toughen up.  When I spied a U.S.-style power strip in the J’s family room I took the opportunity to plug in my electric toothbrush.  I fondly hoped my hosts wouldn’t notice.

These days I’ve been a little chagrinned that the things that I wear on my legs are multiplying.  I favor low cut socks so I usually wear a legwarmer if I’m wearing my aircast.  Now I wear a legwarmer on each leg since I’ve added weights to the routine and I don’t like the brace or the weights rubbing against my skin.  When we went to PA to see Peter I devoted a whole drawer to my leg accouterments.  I’m trying to minimize in general – e.g. what I need to bring with me everywhere, but apparently I’m not doing a great job at it.

Oh, well.  Like the J family, most people are too well bred to say anything anyway.

p.s. Congratulations, J!  My parents and I couldn’t be more pleased that you’re starting a new adventure.

p.p.s. Have you seen my LHTW video?  The audio is from the last Sunday Morning I spent there.  You can see the sun hat I reference above.

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