100. Just Keep Swimming!

8443948554_b3a1fc567fIn my niece H’s vast collection (actually, it might have been passed on to my nephew by now) of stuffed animals there is an orange clown fish known as “The Nemo Fish from Uncle G” (Uncle G is my cousin) or simply as “Nemo Fish.” Although Nemo is certainly a wonderful character with his mismatched fins and his desire to see the world, it’s actually Dory (the blue fish that helps Nemo’s Dad in his search for his son) that’s my favorite.

Our introduction to Finding Nemo came several years ago when Mom and I were watching it on TV. Dad wandered in and sat down with us. Now if we had known that the Mommy fish vanishes and the son disappears during the first few minutes we would never have let Dad watch with us. But ignorance is bliss, and we were gradually drawn into the tale although after Nemo gets lost Tanpo stopped to ask, “What kind of story is this?” I think he might have also felt compelled to call my brother at that point, but I can’t remember for sure. Anyway, that’s how our family functions.

Dory’s charge to “Just keep swimming” is funny in her operatic delivery and the comic relief diffuses the tense reality that Nemo’s dad is facing a family crisis. I’m big into comic relief as demonstrated by my early (and later) days in rehabilitation. As I prepared to be discharged by RIO (3rd hospital) so I could fly home to Maryland, my OT was giving me my exit evaluation. While she was testing my ability to track visually I suddenly started laughing uncontrollably. Here’s our conversation:

OT2: What’s so funny?

Me: Umm…I have a job. I need to go do it now – I don’t have time to sit here and pass a big red ball to you.

OT2: This is your job now.

So she proceeded to give me my vision exercises, and I managed to settle down after a couple more gentle reminders from her. It turns out that she was right. I am now officially unemployed, so recovering is my job now whether I like it or not. So if I have to practice bouncing my $2 rainbow tie-dye ball that Ezra likes to commandeer when he visits, I will. I will also endeavor to just keep swimming and do stuff that I never thought I’d do, like write this blog. I hope it makes you laugh!

p.s. In celebration of the official “launch” of Learning How, I’m opening the comments section.  There’s a speech bubble to the right of the post’s title that you can click on.

15 thoughts on “100. Just Keep Swimming!

  1. Hi Ning!! Way to go, opening the comments section. JP and I saw “Finding Nemo” in the theater on the day we returned from our honeymoon (2003! So long ago!) in an effort to put off real life a little while longer. We were also dismayed by the tragic turn of events a few minutes into the movie (what is with Disney and killing off parents?) but in the end we were glad we stuck with it, mainly because of Dorrie and that surfer turtle. “Just keep swimming” was a mantra during the dissertation years – I liked to sing it. 🙂 I’ll be happy to sing it for you anytime you need some comic relief!

  2. Hello friend!!!
    I love reading about your intro to Finding Nemo… hilarious! I watched it for the first time while we were in Germany two years ago, so it was in German with English subtitles. So cute when Nemo is in the fishtank at the dentist and says, “Nein! Nein!” (No! No!). 🙂
    Anyhoo, we love you & continue to pray for you!

  3. Ning, so great to see this and hear about your days. I prayed like mad back in the beginning and these posts are a great reminder to keep it up! I love the mirror image one. It really got to me! Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Hello Dear Ning! I’ve actually never seen Finding Nemo, perhaps we shall rent it on netflix one day! I look forward to reading your well written and hilarious posts each day—your writing is an absolute gift and it really encourages me! Not to mention the laugh out loud moments when I try to guess who all the cryptic friend referrals are and the situations surrounding them. Love you sweet girl!

  5. Since I can’t comment on past posts, just wanted to say here (re: your Nemesis part 1 post) how happy I am for you for signing up to play on Sundays!! I just watched your videos (again) and am amazed at the progression even from May-June 2011, and then of course a year later in 2012. (I have about 3-4 versions of He Leadeth Me on my Rhapsody playlist, btw, thanks to you!) And I’m sure it’s even better today. 🙂 Wish I could be there to see you play now…maybe you could pls post another video here on your site?? Love you!

  6. We all need weird speech bubbles. I think mine sometimes show up in real life though. That’s not so good.

    I think it’s wonderful that you’ve made such progress. I’ll continue to hope and pray for you as you struggle to make more … because I’ve learned that this is how we all move forward in life … by hoping and praying.

  7. Hurray for comments! I’ll do my best to not get carried away 🙂 I remember you telling me the story of the red ball the first time I saw you when you came home. Just keep swimming!

  8. Yay for comments! I saw Finding Nemo right before I graduated college. I laughed so hard I cried 😉 Not only does Dory have a great mantra, she speaks whale! I love your blog and am glad you’ve “kept swimming” 🙂

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