98. FOMO


FOMO = “Fear of Missing Out.”  I learned this term from a friend who used it in reference to one of his children (a toddler), who is exactly like his aunt was as a child and harbors great anxiety about missing a funny part of a conversation, or a social event – anything, really.  I think it’s hysterical that history has repeated itself in the family’s lineage. Later in the week after this term, I read about it in Time magazine at the Doctor’s office.  The author was explaining FOMO as it relates to Facebook.  You go online and see pictures of all your friends…wait – is that a bbq?  Why was I not at that bbq?  That is FOMO.

I don’t have a fear of missing out, it’s just a fact that I did miss the greater part of April and May 2011, and June is a bit of a blur, too, but there were more moments of lucidity then.  I have thanked the kind people who sent me so many nice notes/flowers/gifts, but I wanted to do it again.  I still haven’t seen many of the things that came in the mail since they are packed away in my old apartment complex, and those things that I have seen I’ve only seen via photographs since I was asleep when they arrived in real time.

Do you see the beautiful bouquet on the “Updates” page of my site?  I thought they were gorgeous in the picture but never got to see them in actuality.  So I was so happy when I came home from therapy/acupuncture this week and found another beautiful bunch of flowers from the same friend.  The flowers were waiting for me on the kitchen counter with a teddy bear wrapped around the vase, and the note said the intention was that I would enjoy what I missed the first time around.