97. Big Jewelry


I knew today was my evaluation day at PT so I wore HUGE earrings. They kind of made my ears bleed (a little) when I first wore them, but they are so fabulous, they are worth it. Mr. K rhodiumed them (that may not be an actual verb – to clarify, he put rhodium over the original sterling silver) for me, so I think they won’t bother my ears. Still, I’m trying to build my big earing-wearing tolerance up since I like wearing jewelry and earrings are the most unobtrusive kind for me right now.

The medical people (not sure which ones) removed my earrings and watch and gave them to Mommy when she arrived. On one of my first Sundays back in MD I asked for them since I fully intended to wear my normal earrings to church. I favored a teeny tiny pair of diamond studs with screw-backs – I never took them out when I was well. I found out pretty soon that even if I was able to get them in my ears (I wasn’t – I needed help, actually), I had to be prepared to take them out and put them back in if I ever got an x-ray or a scan. I didn’t always know beforehand when I was going to get one so I couldn’t plan ahead. So I stopped wearing my studs, Mr. K made a pair of sparkling “X” earrings that were a gift from the support staff at my old job into lever-backs, and now I’m switching back and forth between these and the mint quartz omega-backs I wore today.

It did not matter to me that very large mint green earrings were not an aesthetically pleasing compliment to my orangey polo. Big jewelry makes me feel better (except when it makes my ears bleed).

When I was in RIO (3rd Hospital) K and J came to visit me. They made me laugh and helped me with my therapy, and since my birthday was coming up soon, they gave me a fabulously sparkly bracelet. I can’t really remember – I think it was a bracelet…but it might have been a ring…or both. Anyway, my sister updated our friends on FB by saying:

Ning also celebrated her birthday [a few days ago]. Mom said she did some amount of reflecting, but overall, it was a happy day. We were all very glad to hear, too, that she wore some of her fun jewelry that day – Ning has always told us that she likes to wear jewelry when she does boring or difficult tasks like cleaning and such bc it makes it more bearable and fun. 🙂

No wonder I needed to wear big jewelry that day. I was still in “this isn’t real” land and the whole concept of celebrating my birthday stressed me out. It stressed me out in my old life, too – I think the year before, L had tried to convince me to let her throw me a party, but I managed to keep her kindness at bay. When I got sick, though, L’s Mommy insisted that I have a proper birthday celebration so L showed up at the hospital with a party in tow. It was so nice.

Part of  my party

Part of my party

I think I’ve tried to make all sorts of things a party by wearing big jewelry. I used to wear a string of Wilma-Flinstone “pearls” to write papers in, and I used to don a garish tiara (Karine is wearing it above) to clean the toilet. The tiara was left over from B’s bridal shower a long time ago – thank you, B, for humoring me and wearing it.

Mommy brought home the majority of the jewelry in my apartment, but it’s all in a drawer since I can’t wear most of it now anyway. I am looking forward to seeing that sparkly bracelet from K and J (if it is a bracelet) when I retrieve it from storage, though, since I can wear that, I’m sure. In the meantime, I will continue wearing big earrings as often as I can.

p.s. I wrote this post a while ago, so “today” isn’t really today. I’ve been trying to stockpile posts in an effort to free up my writing time for finalizing my books. I’ve got enough posts to last me through next week, but am still finding it difficult to finish off my “Memoirs” etc. I’d appreciate your prayers – thanks!