*Everyone* saw that.

One of my first walks - 5.19.11 at Vibra (2nd Hospital)

One of my first walks – 5.19.11 at Vibra (2nd Hospital)

Good morning!  Sometimes PT would happen early in the morning before Mom and Dad had arrived at the hospital.  I was too unaware to do anything but follow directions (so I tried walking without being scared), but I was not able to verbalize the concerns I had about any discomfort I might have during therapy.  For example, when PT used to consist of sitting in a chair, I couldn’t breathe and was so happy that Mom and Dad arrived (or maybe they had been there all the time but I hadn’t noticed) and Mommy helped me position my head better and told me I really needed to tell my therapists if I was having trouble with anything.

Dad took the picture above one morning in May.  They had arrived in time to see my walking in the hallway adventure, and you can see Mommy dutifully following me with the chair.  At this point I had not worn shoes yet, I was not ready to try using a walker, and PT1 had to keep me from hunching completely over.  I posted this picture because I am reaching for the door, whereas at this point in my recovery (Jan ’13), reaching for the door or wall or anything, is a no-no.  On the day I walked in the garden with PT37 we practiced “running” in the hallway before and after going to the garden (to eat some worms – just kidding).  As we exited the hallway I grasped at the doorway.

“Why are you reaching for the door?” she asked me.

“You saw that?” I queried.

Everyone saw that.”