95. Second Wind


A couple of weeks ago we walked in to E&R’s house and were greeted by the sight of an old cane chair that had been painted bright orange. My parents brought this chair with them when they moved to the United States From Singapore many moons ago. This set of cane furniture has lived at Ernie and Ruth’s house for several years. Ruthie has re-covered the cushions but this time was the first time we had seen the chair itself change colors. Orange is Ezra’s favorite color which is why the chair is currently painted a nice tangerine since it is intended for Ezra’s new bedroom.

Apparently this chair is quite robust since it has survived over 30 years of usage and is now finding a new life in its orange state. It is getting its second wind and it will need lots of energy to survive Ezra.

I feel like I’m getting my second wind too. I have taken on an incarnation that no one expected but I’m sure I’ve got lots of life in me yet. Nobody has spray-painted me orange but I surmise that I am still very serviceable even if I am rather impaired.