83. I’m in it for the parking.


I once saw a picture of a disabled parking tag that had been mocked up as a joke.  “I’m in it for the parking,” was the caption.

It might make you a little squirmy, but I’m sorry – I’m still laughing about it.

Mommy tells me that if she forgets her shopping bags in the car (the state of MD is encouraging the use of reusable shopping bags) and she goes to get them, people give her “The Eye” as she retrieves the bags from Bertram’s (Bertram is Mom’s car) back seat and then goes to meet me (usually standing on the curb, holding on to a shopping cart).  People eyeball her because she looks very spry to be parked in a handicapped spot.  They missed the show that took place earlier when I got out of the car and toddled to the sidewalk.

In my internet travels (when I’ve done the thing you’re not supposed to do and googled my condition), I’ve also found an ataxia clinic that emails patients a card you’re supposed to present to the police officer when (s)he tries to arrest you for public intoxication.   The card says something like, I’m not drunk – I have a medical condition.   I figure I don’t need a card since the hole in my neck, Leo the Cane, and the fact that I’m usually holding Mom or Dad’s hand gives me credibility as a disabled person.

So this is my ataxia card moment:  I’m not drunk.  More appropriate for my current endeavor is my assertion that no, I have not gone off the deep end.  If I had I would have done that a long time ago when I realized that all this is real.  If I was someone who knew my story and was used to me being silent for 2 years, I’d be a little surprised to be suddenly confronted with my prolific writing habit.  I might be a tad concerned that I had gone for a ride on the crazy side.  But since I know now that everything that has happened really did happen, and that I’m cognitively intact, I think it’s important enough to take the risk.

Side Notes:

1) The name of the toy cat in yesterday’s picture is “Nelson” – didn’t it just get funnier?

2) I based the ideas for my introvert at a job fair presentation from post 81 on a book introduced to me by my career advisor.  (The faux graphs are originals by me from my school archive.) It’s called The Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney.  I recalled this after some people told me that those concepts resonated with them.  It feels like I’ve thought like this all along since I read the book a few years ago and immediately recognized how I’m wired in its pages.  I remembered, though, that those ideas were actually external so I wanted to acknowledge that.