78. Top 5


E&R sent out a card this year that featured a gorgeous black and white photo of Karine and Ezra (Peter was yet unborn) on creamy thick card stock.  On the bottom was a 5 point summary of the family’s “Top 5 of 2012.”  The artistic arrangement was pleasing to my eyes, and the brevity of the list was easy on them.  I loved the idea of the card – I’d never seen one like it.  So I’m following suit and doing the same. Before we turn our attention to attaining greater heights in 2013, here are my Top 5 of 2012 (in no particular order):

1.  I went on a Therapy Vacation and celebrated Ed‘s 81st Birthday (the 1st Anniversary of my injury) – see the picture above.

2.  I said “Goodbye” to Africa and “Hello” to Learning How

3.  Tanpo’s biopsy was benign.  YAY!!

4.  I went back to Therapy.  I miss my old peeps but I’m very pleased with my new doctors/therapists.

5.  Peter was born.