74. Home

Uncle Tim assembled the annual gingerbread house with the kids.  Note the frosting consumption on Ezra's part.  He wasn't the only one.

Uncle Tim assembled the annual gingerbread house with the kids. Note the frosting consumption on Ezra’s part. He wasn’t the only one.

This is the first morning my friends E&L will wake up in their new home.  I am so excited for them.  I think this is their first house, and it’s quite a lot of house – there’s room for their two boys and two Moms who are staying with them at present.

Home has been on my mind lately.  I used to stay in OR over the Christmas holiday and then go home around New Year’s.  M is following suit and going to the family home in Kentucky next week.  (Random Aside:  Hawkeye/Nathaniel re. heading west to Kentucky – “We figure we’ll face north then turn left real sudden-like.”)  I used to like avoiding the holiday travel crowd and so stayed at work and was “on duty” in case of financial emergency while my coworkers ate plum pudding with their families.  Okay, they probably didn’t eat plum pudding, but you know what I mean.

Maybe J’s family did eat plum pudding at their Christmas feast.  He hails from England and has been here in the States for a few years.  The time has come for him to fly home across the pond and I’m so glad I got to say goodbye since we were visiting at E&R’s church on Sunday.  I think we all hoped that he’d be able to stay longer but the Lord’s making it clear that it’s time for him to go and I’m sure there are exciting adventures in store at the stops J might make on the way.

J leaves in a couple of weeks or less and will have to do some heavy packing unless he hires some people to do it for him (I would totally go the hiring route, J – there’s no shame in paying others to do the heavy lifting!  I thought like this even before I became disabled.)  E&L are likely doing the same thing as I write this.  Packing is one thing I do not envy the new homeowner.  It’s an arduous task for me even if we’re just packing for a few nights.  (Hannah re. all my toiletries as she carried my box downstairs:  “Does Aunty Ning really use all these things?”  Mommy: “Yes, and more.”)

Everything else besides the packing I do long for.  I don’t automatically turn to the Food Network anymore because of my food issues, and I can’t watch HG TV, either, since the sight of all those pretty homes makes me a little sad.  Plus I get a little riled up since they portray so many people as having a HUGE wish-list/very high expectations and a tiny budget.

I went through a month-long “I need to buy a house ASAP” stage in OR when the noise I lived with as an apartment-dweller was driving me nuts.  My desire for a house faded with the noise since I think those neighbors moved out.  When I was making mental lists re. why it was a reasonable idea for me to go to Africa, the fact that I was not a homeowner and had no debt (the Lord provided my school fees and I had paid off my car note a couple years before) was a very significant factor.

These days I’m still glad I don’t have to make house payments on a house in OR, and also that I didn’t have to task anyone with selling it for me.  So it’s pretty fabulous that the way has been paved for me to be at home with Mom and Dad – yes, there are concerns, but I am so glad I don’t have to deal with a house I can’t live in on the other side of the country.

I asked my neurologist a couple of weeks ago if it was reasonable to think I might live independently enough to keep house some time in the future.  She said yes in an “of course” sort of tone, so I’m happy about that, although at some point in our conversation she mentioned the idea of getting one of those “Life Alert” buttons to wear (You know – I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!).  I think it was unrelated to my housekeeping question.  I felt compelled to ask, though, since the way I’m moving etc. I feel like I’m a pretty far piece off from independence.  Mommy doesn’t even like to leave me alone in the house (ever) since she’s afraid that if there’s a fire or something I won’t be able to run away.

So being able to live in my own home is something on my Very Long List of things  I’m waiting for.  One of the most exciting parts about how E&L got their new house is that it took only weeks (less than a month) to identify it as a prospect and then close on the purchase.  Yesterday was moving day, so they will begin 2013 in their new home.

I feel like they’ve waited enough in their life so I was so pleased to hear how this new house purchase came together so quickly for them.  It’s hard for me not to wish that things would come together as quickly for me – but what I’m realizing is that waiting is okay.  In fact, waiting is something the Scriptures never apologize for.  This is a very foreign concept to me since my instinct is to apologize for everything, but I suppose the fact that waiting does not come naturally to me is what makes it so astonishing to find that the tenor of Scripture is complete comfort with the idea.  So yes, I’m uncomfortable, but I’m trying not to be, and (more importantly) the good news is that God (who’s in charge of all this anyway) is completely comfortable with the timeline He’s got in mind.