47. Happy Thanksgiving!


Ed says, “Happy Thanksgiving!”  And he would like you to notice the beautiful buche de noel he is sitting next to in the picture.  (Every time you read or say “buche de noel” you have to use Julia Child’s enthusiastic intonation – it’s more fun that way.)  C & D brought it over last Saturday to Ed’s Pie Party.  Apparently they make Yule logs for Thanksgiving, too.  And apparently C has excellent taste since he chose it, and it was both beautiful and delicious.

C & D were able to come over since D shifted the party she was having to earlier in the day – wasn’t that nice?  It was an important party – she was celebrating 4 years of life after cancer (I think she was only in her early twenties when she was diagnosed).  She came straight from the low-key family gathering and wore an appropriately pink sari and some gorgeous accessories.  I have an unspoken rule about showing peoples’ faces, but I assure you, she’s cute as a button.  And you really do need to see the outfit:

And let me just say it again:  Happy Thanksgiving!