25. The Best-Laid Plans

Happy Times Sabbatical/Staycation

 I shared a session with a guy named E this week.  I couldn’t immediately discern why he had to be in physical therapy, and so I was sure the fact that he appeared to be quite advanced meant that PT37 was going to push the envelope with him.  I was just glad it wasn’t me, although PT37 managed to tire me out through PT42, who faithfully carried out PT37’s instructions and did not let me fall even though things were looking pretty iffy on the mat for a while.

I put my time in on the treadmill and then rejoined PT37 and E.  As I walked (shakily) over I observed, “I see you’re not crying yet, E – ya done good.”  PT37 then made me sit for a while since she had seen me reaching for some nearby bars to lean on as soon as I had stepped off the treadmill and she wanted me to rest a little before going to find Mom.  So I rested on the mat and observed E’s activity.  I think it was a multi-tasking thing.  PT37 would hold up a flashcard with a letter on it and E had to think of a country whose name started with that letter while sitting on a Bosu ball and keeping his balance (I’m not sure about this last part). If you’re wondering, O ==> Oman.  The last letter was “F” and E had already used “France,” and was encountering a brain blockage.  I leaned over behind PT37 and said in a loud stage whisper, “Finland!”

This was the one time my soft voice thwarted my plans.  Being unused to my dulcet tones, E had no idea what I was saying.  Even after PT37 said I could help openly I couldn’t gather enough volume to project “Finland” over to E on the Bosu ball.  Finally, PT37 helped by offering a translation on my behalf, and then E got to lie down.  (Side note:  Why don’t I ever get to lie down?)  I laughed as I worked my way to the waiting room over how my attempts to help had been wholly ineffectual.

I’m not an overly good helper right now.  FYI, a broomstick is not like a cane and I have learned that the best way for me to help Mommy clean is to “mind my own business and not fall down” (this is my own phrase – when I say this Mommy pats my arm and tells me I’m fine ).  So when we anticipated Dad’s period of post-surgery recovery I had originally planned to remove myself from the home front entirely and take what I called a “Happy Times Sabbatical” at Ernie & Ruth’s house.  Something even better happened:  ERKE came to our house directly from their flight home from Florida, where they had been living it up with Tim&AiAi &Co.

Tanpo is doing well enough to enjoy our shenanigans, and Karine and Ezra have provided much entertainment for us.  It reminds me of how Ai Ai brought Hannah to visit when Dad had cancer.  H was only 1+ and was very chubby.  She was the only grandchild at that point, and pretty much the only person on the planet who could lift our spirits then.  One day I saw my poor sister wiping tears away since she had just come downstairs after visiting Tanpo, and as she was walking Ai Ai told her daughter (who was scooting after her on the floor), “Now remember, Hannah, we’re here to cheer!

I have laughed for years over that rhyming injunction, but it was so true.  We’re seeing it in practice again now.  We’re all on Happy Times Sabbatical – Staycation style.