17. Quick Story

Gallery:  This is what happened before we went to VT on Wednesday.  

Random quick story:  On my shopping trip with J I discovered Kate Spade’s new line of purses (presumably the Winter ’12 line).  In particular, I picked up a purple wool number and petted its fur collar.  These purses are styled like coats and this one was plum wool with a faux fur collar and adorable black toggles running down the front.  J was eyeing me like, “Put that down now.”  I caught her glance, and despite the fact that I couldn’t carry  a handbag like that (I need a crossbody strap) I wailed plaintively, “I’m disabled.”

“What do you mean?” J asked.  And then she answered her own question.  “Since you’re disabled you should get everything you want?”  I nodded.   “Does that work?” she asked.