13A. I forgot…

Note:  This is another 2-poster.  Please scroll down to read 13B!

I totally forgot that it’s  October 15.  This means 2 things:

1.  Happy Birthday, JCJ!  I’m sending birthday hugs across the Atlantic to Burundi.  I learned JCJ’s birthday date from her Mom, RC, who also filled me in on a bunch of other personal info/preferences before I went to visit in March ’11.  That’s right, I’m a total snoop.  And if you read this, please pray for JJ, who has an ulcer, I think, but has been soldiering on as usual until his body protested.

2.  Happy Tax Day!  In our family, Tax Day automatically includes the extension, so it’s October 15.  Probably over a decade ago I asked my friend B if her family had done their taxes already (it was April 14).  No, she told me, Dad’s going to go stand in line with everyone else at the post office tomorrow!  They’re Canadian, so maybe it was part of the American experience to do their taxes that way.  My way is to send all my stuff to my NJP (Ninja Tax Preparer).  NJP is a much more interesting designation than CPA and carries the implication that I think he could do my taxes with his eyes closed.  But he doesn’t, don’t worry.  Having someone else do my taxes (esp. last year) is just another thing to be thankful for.