4. Asset Inventory

Some of my favorite “assets” – 4.29.11

One of the requirements for the court to allow my parents to take guardianship of me was an asset inventory.  So Dad went about trying to get a hold of everything I owned so he could list it on a spreadsheet.  The list was rather short.  The only thing I could think of, I told my Dad as he peered over the bedrail of my hospital bed, was that “I think I have some stocks, but I never really understood those.”  I still don’t, BTW, but it doesn’t matter as much since I think most if not all have gone bye-bye since they were contingent on my employment.  In any case, if they’re still there, they’re not on my radar screen.

If you have a family member who falls ill and is unable to take care of credit card or banking issues, I’m very sorry for all the hoops you’re going to have to jump through.  My siblings took care of my Costco credit card and Dad went to a local branch to explain the situation and pay off the outstanding balance on my main card.  I think there were still some charges leftover from my trip to Africa, so I was spending more than usual. There was a period a few months ago when I got multiple calls in one week from different vendors, or if the vendor had escalated the issue, a collections agency.  The primary caller was my Card co. since I don’t think their computer systems talk to each other very well, and I had set up some “autopay” charges when I was well that seemed like a really good idea at the time, but were muddying the waters now.   Finally, Mom told them that I wasn’t taking calls from them anymore, which was a good idea since I was liable to get heated if I had to field anymore claims.  Eventually the company got desperate and called my sister, which was their fatal mistake.  Ai Ai thinks they had her number since she used her cell to call the number on the back of my card when I first got sick.  So now they hunted her down and I could imagine her rubbing her hands in delight now that she could legitimately get involved in this matter.  Both Ai Ai and Tim are experts at handling service calls, getting what they need and holding people accountable for what they say.  After one conversation my sister had settled the matter (Thanks, Boo Boo!).

I’m so thankful for my peeps who take care of these things for me.  The Guardianship matter was made official when I was still hospitalized and my lawyer, K, (a friend from my OR church) came to see me with his wife, F, in the 3rd Hospital.  (Side note:  I had to explain once to Ed that he is not Asian.  He’s actually Scottish, like F.) I was resting in bed, but looked out from under my blanket to tell K, “Thanks for all the lawyering!”  He told me, of course, and that this sort of thing was all taken care of since I was supposed to concentrate on getting well.

Wasn’t that nice?  It makes me consider that all the people who help me were absent from my asset inventory. If they were listed properly I’d be fabulously wealthy on paper.  There are K&M, my lawyers, Tanpo (who I thought was my lawyer but chose to retain K&M since Dad is an “interested party” – he has his hands full with all my financial and insurance etc. matters anyway),   Mommy (who had to do everything for me at first, including pour me a cup of water, and still does so much since even though I can pour my own water, carrying it to the table can be risky), my crazy siblings and their families – the list is already ripe with help.  So I actually have lots of assets – I walk into the chapel on Sunday morning and the pews are full of them.  Thanks for praying – we need it.