1. Oktoberfest

PumpkinEd in the Pirate Zone

It’s October 1st – the air is cooler, the leaves are turning colors, and I need some cider donuts up in here, stat.  My primary celebratory indicator of the turning of the season is that Ed is wearing his pumpkin!  That’s right, Pumpkin Ed celebrates the Harvest by donning the costume I got him on Amazon last year.  Seriously.  The pumpkin suit has been waiting all nice and fresh from the laundry for many moons, but I put Ed in it on Saturday  after his bath to make my parents laugh.  Here’s a picture of Pumpkin Ed.  I love the bowtie and the pumpkin.  Ed is sitting in the Pirate Zone, the place where I do my vision exercises, which often require me to wear a pirate patch.

Last week I had a moment of vindication when I spied a man (my age or slightly older) resting in his wheelchair after therapy.  We were exiting the rehab hospital and I saw that he had a green alligator in his lap!  Actually, it could have been a crocodile, large lizard, T-rex – I’m not sure, but you get the point.  Mom and Dad were somewhat relieved that their adult child isn’t the only one to be attached to a stuffed animal.   Right after we found our way to a pho place for lunch, and I had a wonderfully thick cup of coffee with condensed milk and couldn’t wait to go home and tell Ed that our relationship had just been legitimized.

My friend J celebrates the arrival of the Rainy Season in Burundi by making Rainy Season Cookies with her sons.  I really like cookies, so I’m sorry I won’t be there to celebrate with them. Although Mommy (a.k.a. Baker Smurf) celebrates with cookies pretty well, herself.  Whenever there is a birthday among my babies a sugar cookie menagerie appears on our kitchen counter so they can be mailed.  This past month we had a couple of birthdays, so there were doves, squirrels, flamingos and dinosaurs.  Mmmm! Celebrating simple things like cooler weather, rain drops and birthdays make me happier.  I highly recommend it.